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  • On this page you can read the INTRODUCTION (in a few scans) of my book ("US ENERGY POLICY: Scared Ostrich Syndrome (A Dozen Years Closer to Doomsday)", where I summarized the reasons for writing it.  Although it was submitted in 1991 to a dozen publishers of which several replied, none was interested in publishing it.  A couple of them recommended me to hire an editor to improve the style. I did not do that.  I still keep to original copies.
  •  For the most part, the motivating factor was the injustice I suffered from Business Week Magazine.  On the first chapter, I describe the state of energy affairs in America, circa 1979 (boils down to: a lot of inept "energy experts", and a lot of blame on someone else (the oil producers' greed).
  • On the page titled "1991 Update" (button above) I cover in greater detail the current events -in that era- that motivated me to find the time for this writing effort. I explain what caused the previous energy crisis of the mid 1970's, and what have been done to correct the problem since 1979 and up until 1991 when I wrote that "S.O.S." book.  Not much!  Basically, there was total inaction from the part of our government to deal seriously with the energy issue (in a responsible, and effective manner).
    • The fear of antagonizing voters with unpleasant propositions is perhaps the biggest stumbling block. Crisis-averting solutions have been started but soon abandoned when election day comes close.  Such as, (a) the heavy tax on gas to discourage consumption (as the Europeans have done) or (b) a push for stricter regulations in automobile mile-per-gallon standards (to discourage -in particular- SUVs and RVs, and to promote a higher car-load factors or "pooling") 
    • Lack of action is tolerated by our perceived-as-successful "laissez faire" attitude, in many policy affairs within our political system.
    • The fact that our political system -as currently designed- favors Lawyers over Scientists on congressional chairs does not help either.  In my opinion, most attorneys do not have much a clue or scientific understanding of energy issues.
  • In the "Preamble" page I describe how my interest in fossil fuels came about.